Adriano Busà

Located in the heart of Florence (Italy), the International Headquarter of the WJJC represents the modern evolution of a dojo. Rebuilt from what had been a motorcycle store, the World Ju-Jitsu Centre has been divided into separate rooms for the differnt trainings. It covers almost 700 square metres and its plan has the bizarre shape of a gun, with the entrance laying exactly at the muzzle. According to Soke Adriano Busà's wishes, the centre is made up of three main training rooms, one of which is dedicated to Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo classes, than there are the STS and the functional training rooms.

Already at the entrance, you can feel a great sense of professionalism with a reception area well equipped with all the WJJC items for the training which are the backdrop of a modern welcome desk.

In front of the entry desk, there is a waiting corner, it is possible to sit on alluminium chairs and read specialized magazines. Over, behind a column, there is a relax area with bar tables and automatic machines for coffee, snacks and energy drinks. While having a coffee and watching the WJJC videos on the screens one can't but admire the board with the offiacial badges of the affiliated countries.

Right after the turnstile when entering the training area, begins the “muzzle”. On the right of the corridor there is the STS room, equipped with professional training items for police and military close combat. Adjoining is the Ju-Jitsu room, with its pads for fight and kobudo weapons. At the rear, is the functional training room, with its columns of light from the ceiling. If you continue along the corridor, there are the changing rooms for men and for women.

At the World Ju-Jitsu Centre hundreds of martial artists from several towns in our region and from Italy or from abroad come and train. One might meet people with a National badge from another country on his Gi and speaking foreign languages. They are members from other countries who come to the World Ju-Jitsu Centre to deepen their knowledge of Ju-Jitsu and to train directly with Shodai Soke Adriano Busà.

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